.. and unto the public I emerge!

I recently wrote a Firefox extension of such usefulness that it has finally forced me to break my habit of never getting around to releasing any of my projects publically. So I purchased some ASP.NET hosting, installed BlogEngine.NET, configured the default theme to be less annoying, spent many hours pulling the Slug feature from the latest in-development verison of BlogEngine and adding it to the 1.1 release, and here we finally are. Slugs and all. Why didn't I just run the development version? Well, I tried, but had issues. I might still, or I could just wait until 1.2's official release planned for sometime in September.

It will be some time before the rest of my projects can showcase themselves, but at least now they will have a home.

And it will also be some time before this blog is precisely how I'd like it, but at least I have the power to shape it, and having already delved into BlogEngine's source code once, I should be in good shape myself.

Now let's look forward to the coming attractions. ;)