Group/Sort Tabs 2.0

Group/Sort Tabs v2.0 is public. Grab it up! Here's the code repository, and here's the support page. This update from 1.1.4 is huge and was drawn out over a good 6 months. I can say this extension is now up to my standards.

group menu

regrouped tab context menu

moved tab context menu

tab groups

  • Group your tabs by hostname, browse session (tabs browsed within 15 minutes of each other), browse day, and original opening tab (IE8 style).

  • Sort your tabs by time opened, browsed, hostname and title.

  • Choose between sorting around groups (groups are freely movable), or ordering them along with the tabs for a true "one side to the other" sort.

  • Distinguish tab groups by color and separator. Colors rotate between 4 pleasing hues.

  • Tabs are movable and re-groupable, even when sorted. "Moved" tabs are designated with a black upper border and may be returned via the context menu. Tabs dropped in another group may be immediately sent to their sorted position within the group by holding shift before the drop.

  • Context menu for quick group/sort switching and closing groups.

  • Sorting is intelligently handled with the opening/restoration of multiple tabs.

options groups unmoved

options groups moved