Group/Sort Tabs Firefox extension 1.0

27 Dec 2009 Newer version: Group/Sort Tabs 2.0

This extension adds group and sort support to tabs in Firefox.


  • Optionally group your tabs by hostname. (More to come.)
  • Sort your tabs by last opened date, hostname, or last browsed date.
  • Intelligently handles the opening/restoration of multiple tabs at once, only sorting when the URL of all opened tabs is known.
  • Sorts tabs immediately upon navigating to a different URL, prior to full page load.
  • Tabs can be manually moved into other groups.


Known Limitations

  • The entire host before the first / is matched when comparing host names, so sites with different subdomains (like and will not be grouped together. This can be undesirable with certain URLs (such as and
  • You can only manually move a tab into another group if you drop it somewhere in the middle of the group (no edges). I'd like an easy and intuitive method of grouping/ungrouping tabs for the future.
  • Manually rearranging tabs out of the sort order is not a feature of this version. I've worked toward supporting it, but decided to release without it. Also, I may be overestimating its importance.


  • Using ChromaTabs or ColorfulTabs configured to color code your tabs by URL.
  • Similarly the "close similar tabs" or "close other tabs from this host" features of Tab Mix Plus and Closy might be useful.