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"Sort Tabs By ..." Firefox extension

27 Dec 2009 Newer version: Group/Sort Tabs 2.0


See this nifty screencast for a demonstration.


  • Sorts your tabs by domain/host name, or last browsed date. (More to come.)
  • Optionally space out groups of tabs. (You can color the spacers too, but it's not very pretty. ;)
  • Intelligently handles tab restoration, only sorting when all tabs have been restored.
  • Intelligently handles the opening of multiple tabs at once, only sorting when the URL of all opened tabs is known.
  • Sorts tabs immediately upon navigating to a different URL, prior to full page load.
  • You can freely drag and drop tabs to other groups.


  • Firefox 2.0 (I may lower this to 1.5, I haven't decided yet.)

Known Limitations

  • Currently the entire host before the first / is matched when comparing host names, so sites with different subdomains (like and will not be grouped together. This can be undesirable with certain URLs (such as and The ability to customize this behavior will be in the next version.

Combine this extension with Justin Dolske's ChromaTabs for the elegant tab coloring seen in the screenshot and screencast.

Also, combine this extension with the "Close Similar Tabs" feature of Tab Mix Plus (and some others) to close all of the tabs from one site at once via the tab context menu.

Install "Sort Tabs By …" v1.0