A 1-post collection, I love you, and I'm blocking your ads

An advertisement has never persuaded me in my life. Okay, I'm lying. When I was a wee little boy I distinctly remember seeing Batman and TMNT toys, and LEGO bricks, and other fantastic things on television and begging my mom to buy them for me, and she did. Even then they were never as fun I was manipulated into believing. So, they got me there, and then I grew up.

Beyond that, I'm being honest and forthright. I have never bought something from a commercial, and I wouldn't even say I've been persuaded by a commercial. Influenced? Yes. I've been pissed off (no not at something they intended), and I've had my train of thought and viewing experience interrupted.

Climbing onto my soapbox, let me espouse how much I love to see televised material that is strictly relevant to my interests.

Everything I watch on my television is through my DVR system. Everything. If I bump into a show airing I enjoy, I schedule it to record and I watch it an hour later, where I can hit that wondrous fast-forward button. If it's a live show? Same thing. Important news relevant to me? Same.

Now Hulu, I love your service, and I understand the advertisement based model. I'm glad there's such a model (though I contest most is utterly broken in their interest-based irrelevance) and that it can support you (I hope it's enough for you, perhaps not!). Additionally many of the things I love rely on advertising. Favorite websites, and consumer goods too.

That said, I have never clicked an ad seriously. Never. We are becoming a pull society, not a push one. I don't watch the news. I don't read the newspaper. When I wish to know something, or what's happening in a particular field, I perform a search, just when I want to. I use Google Voice for my cell phone. I sign things with disposable email addresses, I don't get coupons in the mail. I even apply it to cleaning. Why would I want all of this garbage when I can seek it out precisely when I need it?

So I use Adblock software. So I screen my calls. So I only fake sign-up for subscriptions. Advertisers, I don't mean to be rude by blocking your ads; I'm saving you bandwidth! I'm not ever going to click one. I'm never going to watch one of your commercials. I don't even second-hand listen or watch your commercials when someone else is.

In fact I'm passionate about it, passionate enough to spend hours, even weeks if necessary programming around these sort of annoyances. The payoff is worthwhile to me when I can watch entertainment without my mood ruined with advertising drivel, and I consider my mood to be highly important!

So, Hulu, I blocked your ads. I blocked them in the most reliable "there's nothing that can be done about it" sort of way. I screen scraped your advertisement notice which of course you'd do far more inconvenience to your users by discarding. That simple fact means I will always be able to detect ads. If the user is informed an advertisement is playing, then I'm informed.

I don't think you'll mind though, that I'm opting out. Am I even the issue? Perhaps someone may package my code in a tidy little consumable disappearing your ads with nary a consideration, and the occasional or rare advertisement sucker may cease being suckered altogether, or miss something they'd enjoy. Are there really enough of these characters to make a difference, maybe even ones that knowingly use an Adblocker? I can safely say I'm not one, no not even the rarest of clicks or purchases would ever register from me. Zero.

Blanked out advertisement.

If you're not like me, if you'd rather watch an ad than black nothingness (later I'll add fun substitutions), or if you occasionally are persuaded by an advertisement, or they simply get into your awareness and on your tongue and you do not mind, then enjoy your advertisements and support Hulu, because they deserve such support after all.

Download the AutoHotkey script to block Hulu advertisements.