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Mouse gestures: too awesome for you... until now!

Mouse gestures are awesome. They're incredibly convenient, powerful, simple, and intuitive. I personally would be no where near as efficient without them. It's when you hold down the right mouse button, and drag the mouse in a particular direction or draw a particular shape to perform an action.

Of course it's apparent that mouse gestures must be too awesome, because you're not using them, are you? In fact, no one seems to be. Sure, the web browser Opera makes fair use of them. There's more than one Firefox extension which does the job too, with pitiful download numbers.

You'd even be hard pressed to find a gesture program for Windows. Though you would find StrokeIt, an entertainingly named little application so awesome I found it invaluable even when it wasn't updated for 4 years and had Vista bugs—but all of that has changed! A version .9.6 is here to release us of such troubles, it's time to rekindle the gesture revolution!

I'm not sure why mouse gestures have received such a poor welcoming, though I have a few ideas. It could be that you think they're slow, requiring convoluted ridiculous wrist gyrations. Is that it? Perhaps certain wonderful applications are even guilty of such default configurations. It sort of makes a difference, you know?

Here's your solution. Install StrokeIt, delete all the default configurations and add the following Global Actions:

  • / Up, Max/Restore
  • / Down, Minimize
  • Right, Move to Next Monitor
  • Left, Move to Previous Monitor
  • MButton, Launch Explorer
  • Up, Close Window

There you go, you just became more productive. Now enjoy the rest of your life. :)

8664 gestures performed

If you're worried about closing a window accidentally with the Up gesture, don't be. For at least a few years now I've used this gesture and triggered it on accident maybe once, and even then was able to cancel closing my program.