July 29, 2014
File Timestamp Repair From Naive Transfer
system administration, CloneSpy

Occasionally a "helpful" individual restores a backup or otherwise transfers files in a naive way that overwrites file modification times with the current date. Designed to work from a CloneSpy duplicate file export, this module will restore the original timestamps to those with problem dates. It's folder path agnostic. When encountering multiple equivalent source files for a single problem file it will restore the timestamp of the one with the most similar path as computed by Levenshtein distance.

For example, D:\some\path\a_file.txt has a problem timestamp. The module reads both C:\some\path\somewhere\a_file.txt and C:\some\other\path\somewhere\else\a_file.txt from the CloneSpy export of duplicate files. The module will apply the timestamp from C:\some\path\somewhere\a_file.txt to D:\some\path\a_file.txt since it's the closest match.